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Asian Tourism International College or better known as ATI College was established as the only college specializing in hospitality, tourism and culinary studies in Sabah, Malaysia. Our doors are open to students of various nationalities who seek to enter a college that provides unrivalled quality education in hospitality, tourism and culinary.

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Academic Calender 2014

DBM 08/14

DCA 08/14

DEM 08/14

DHM 08/14

DIA 08/14

DOA 08/14

DPA 08/14

DTM 08/14

SKM Culinary Sept Intake

SKM Pastry Sept Intake

DBM Intake 10/2014

DCA Intake 10/2014

DDRM Intake 10/2014

DEM Intake 10/2014

DHM Intake 10/2014

DIA Intake 10/2014

DOA Intake 10/2014

DPA Intake 10/2014

DRM Intake 10/2014

DTM Intake 10/2014